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Merilyzer CelQuant 5 Plus

Product Overview
  • CelQuant 5 plus is 5-Part WBC differential of WBC Hematology Analyzer which gives a total 25 parameters & 10 research parameters
  • CelQuant 5 plus exhibits a through put of 60 tests/hour & 2 scattergrams, 2 histograms
  • Adopts highly stable, long lasting and economical semiconductor laser light source
  • Screening out the abnormal cells, thus increasing the efficacy for abnormal samples
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    • Throughput CBC+DIFF: 60 samples per hour
    • Gives flagging description of cells like Leukopenia, Leukocytosis, Neutropenia, Polycythemia Immature, Small cellular & RBC Large cellular RBC etc.
    • Manual or automated sampling with continuous loading
    • Cap piercing auto sampler for 40 samples with 1 stat position
    • 25 report parameters, 10 research parameters, scattergram and histogram
    • Large storage capacity up to 200,000 samples
    • Autosampler, Operation Interface and Data Management System
    • Data System: Rj45 network interface, USB interface, Support bi-directional LIS (LIS software is provided with the instrument)
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    Code: BDFCCR-02

    Pack Size: 20 L

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    Code: FBHCCR-01

    Pack Size: 500 ML

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    Code: FDOCCR-02

    Pack Size: 500 ML

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    Code: FDTCCR-02

    Pack Size: 200 ML

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    Code: DETCCR-05

    Pack Size: 4 x 100 ML

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    • On what principle is working of CelQuant 5 plus based?

      Tri-angle laser scatter + flow cytometry + cytochemical staining, achieving a betterment of 5-part WBC differentiation, Basophils are counted by laser scatter that detects information about cell volume and cellular complexity & granularity

    • What is the through put?

      60 tests/hour

    • What are parameters measured in CelQuant 5?

      25 reportable parameters: WBC, BASO#, NEUT#, EOS#, LYM#,MON#, BASO%, NEUT%, EOS%, LYM%, MON%, RBC, HGB, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, HCT, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC 10 research parameters: Blast#, Blast%, ALM#, ALM%, IMM#, IMM%, Left#, Left%, NRBC#, 2 scattergrams (basophil & other 4 WBCs) & 2 histograms of RBC & platelets.

    • What are the different sample mode options?

      Whole blood mode, Micro-WB (Whole blood) mode, Pre-dilute mode

    • What is the sample consumption?

      Only 25μl sample volume for CBC + DIFF measurement

    • What are the reagents to be used?

      Diluent & 3 types of lyse + Detergents

    • What is the storage capacity?

      200,000 patient results including scattergram, histogram & patient information.

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