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Merilyzer | Quantilyte

Product Overview
  • Merilyzer Quantilyte Electrolyte Analyzer is compact model based on Ion-selective Electrode (ISE technology)
  • Key advantage of easy operation and correct measurement electrolytes like sodium, potassium and Chloride
  • Quantilyte ensures speed, accuracy and convenience
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    • Measuring Method: -Direct ISE (Ion Selective Electrode)
    • Test Parameter:- Na, K, Cl & optional ionic Calcium, pH
    • Throughput :- ≤70 seconds/sample
    • Calibration:- Auto Calibration with Calibrants A & B
    • Keypad:- Simple YES/NO key
    • Electrode:- Highly accurate
    • Memory:- Up to 10,000 patient results store
    • Port:-RS232 and External Barcode reader
    • Reagent:- Real Time Monitoring, Low reagents consumption because of sleep mode
    • Sample Type:- Serum, Urine, Plasma, CSF, Whole Blood
    • QC:- Store one month QC data , L-J chart print
  • STD A

    Code: STAELC-02

    Pack Size: 6x250 ml

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    Std B

    Code: STBELC-02

    Pack Size: 2x250 ml

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    Code: CLNELC-02

    Pack Size: 1x110 ml

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    Electrode Deprotein. Washing Solution

    Code: DEPELC-02

    Pack Size: 1x110 ml

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    Code: ACTELC-02

    Pack Size: 1x110 ml

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    Code: QCSELC-02

    Pack Size: 1x110 ml

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    Code: EISELC-02

    Pack Size: 1x3 ml

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    Code: REFELC-02

    Pack Size: 1x10 ml

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    • On what method is Quantilyte based on?

      Measuring Method: -Direct ISE (Ion Selective Electrode)

    • What are the test parameters measured in Quantilyte?

      Test Parameter:- Na, K, Cl Optional are pH & Calcium

    • What are the sample type that can be tested in Quantilyte?

      Serum, plasma, whole blood & Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

    • What is the measuring speed of Merilyzer Quantilyte?

    • What are the Reagents used in ISE?

      Calibrants (Standards) A & B. Other Reagents required for maintenance are Cleaning solution, Deproteinizing solution, Activating solution, Electrode internal solution & Reference internal solution etc.

    • Does Quantilyte have the option of manual calibration?

      Yes, Has the facility of manual as well as Auto calibration.

    • How often does Quantilyte goes under sleep mode?

      Quantilyte goes under sleep mode after every 60 to 240 mins as per programmed (Setting). Hereby after start, ON, has the option of calibration Yes/No.

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