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Product Overview
  • Semi-automated specific protein analyzer design suitable for all protein assays in blood
  • Offers high accuracy and precision with less turnaround time.
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  • Features
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    • Transmission and scattering of light method
    • Sample Type -Venous blood / Peripheral Plasma / Serum / Urine / CSF
    • 2 Reagent position
    • 4 Pre-warming position
    • 1 Testing position
    • 5000 results Storage
    • Inbuilt thermal printer for patient report
    • Daily and Monthly Quality Controls for 3 levels with LJ Graph
    • Self explanatory instructions on the screen, auto-timing & provision of accurate linkage pipettor for pipetting of diluent, Reagent & sample & provides reliable results
    • Easy touch screen operation with touch pen point.
    • The software connects the computer with Proviso through RS 232 port.
    • Initiation of DELAY time is accurate as it is done with Electronic Pipette. Therefore the results are accurate
    • Lot specific master calibration curve provided with every kit. Saves calibration cost Helps prevent the misuse of inter-lot calibration.
    • Mixing time and degree of mixing is controlled through technology enhancing precision
  • MicroAlbumin

    Code: MALPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    Code: HBAPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    Code: RHFPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    Code: CRPPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    Code: ASOPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    Code: FRTPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    Code: DDRPRV-01

    Pack Size: 25

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    • What is the Technique used in Proviso?

      Nephelometry & Immuno-Turbidimetry

    • What are the various accessories provided with the proviso reagent kit?

      Cuvettes, Control

    • What type of Pipettes are supplied with Proviso?

      Electronically linked pipette

    • What specific parameters are there in Proviso?

      HbA1c, ASO, CRP, RF, D-Dimer, Ferritin & Microalbumin

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