• Hermodoid
  • Hermodoid
  • Optimum stapler housing capacity (14cc)

  • Three circular staggered rows of staple pins (48 titanium staple pins)

MIRUS Hemorrhoids Stapler

MIRUSTM HEMORRHOIDS STAPLER is a revolutionary three rows approach for Minimally Invasive Procedure for Prolapsed Hemorrhoids. It is also available in the conventional two rows model. MIRUSTM HEMORRHOIDS STAPLER offers better security, superior hemostasis and ease of use which delivers optimum excision of prolapsed hemorhoidal tissue. Optimized staple formation technique delivers adjustable height staples which causes less tissue tension and delivers right compression and proper staple line with optimum closed height.

MIRUS Hemorrhoids Stapler


  • 01

    Optimum housing allows proper excision of prolapsed piles mass.

  • 02

    Offers superior hemostasis and better security.


  • Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids (MIPH)
  • Stapled Transanal Resection of Rectum (STARR)

Product Specifications

Meril Code External Diameter No. of Rows Staple Qty Closed Staple Height(mm) Housing Capacity (cc)
MPPH32 32 2 32 0.75 to 1.6 14
MPPH34 34 2 32 0.75 to 1.6 14
MPPH34R3 34 3 48 0.75 to 1.6 14

Clinical Data

Study Name Type of Study Total Patients Status Link
MIRUS Disposable Hemorrhoids Stapler Prospective study 82 Completed Know more