FILAPRON- A Reliable choice for scarless Sub-cuticular suturing.
FILAPRON (Poliglecaprone 25) is a dyed/undyed short-term absorbable synthetic monofilament suture composed of poly(glycolide-co-caprolactone).

  • Retention of 60 - 90% knot tensile strength upto 7 days
  • Complete mass absorption within 90 to 110 days


FILAPRON - Absorbable Suture


  • Indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation where short term wound support is desired. Preferred choice for subcuticular suturing.

Product Specifications

Sizes available for Plastic Surgeries  USP 6/0, 7/0 Double armed and Single armed Round Body, Reverse cutting needle and Cutting Needle

Clinical Data

Product IFU

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