Floret PDA Occluder is a percutaneous, transcatheter device. It is specially designed for the closure of normally located PDA.


FLORET PDA Treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

Product Specifications

Design Braided
Material Nitinol
Architecture Nitinol wire mesh shaped into cylindrical plug
Fabric Insert Polyester

Size Chart

Cat. No D1 Device Diameter at pulmonary artery D1 Device Diameter at descending aorta D Retention skirt L Length Recommended sheath size
PDA0406 04mm 06mm 10mm 07mm 05F-06F
PDA0608 06mm 08mm 12mm 07mm 05F-06F
PDA0810 08mm 10mm 14mm 07mm 06F-07F
PDA1012 10mm 12mm 16mm 07mm 7F
PDA1214 12mm 14mm 20mm 07mm 7F
PDA1416 14mm 16mm 22mm 08mm 07F-08F
PDA1618 16mm 18mm 24mm 08mm 08F
PDA1820 18mm 20mm 26mm 09mm 10F
PDA2022 20mm 22mm 28mm 09mm 10F
PDA2224 22mm 24mm 30mm 10mm 10F

Clinical Data