FloretTM VSD Occluders are designed for the percutaneous, transcatheter occlusion of ventricular septal defects based on variety of ventricular septum in thickness. The two types of VSD occluders are: Perimembranous VSD Occluders and Muscular VSD Occluders. 


FLORET VSD Treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

Product Specifications

Floret perimembranous VSD occluder

Design Nitinol wire frame
Material Nitinol
Architetcture Nitinol wires weaved with three pieces of polyester
Fabric Insert Polyester


Size Chart

Cat. No Diameter of Waist (a) Diameter of Discs (b) Recommended Sheath Size
VSD-A0408 04mm 08mm 06F
VSD-A0509 05mm 09mm 06F
VSD-A0610 06mm 10mm 07F
VSD-A0711 07mm 11mm 07F
VSD-A0812 08mm 12mm 07F-08F
VSD-A1014 10mm 14mm 08F
VSD-A1216 12mm 16mm 09F
VSD-A1419 14mm 19mm 09F
VSD-A1621 16mm 21mm 09F
VSD-A1823 18mm 23mm 09F
VSD-A2025 20mm 25mm 10F
VSD-A2027 22mm 27mm 10F
VSD-A2029 24mm 29mm 12F
VSD-A2031 26mm 31mm 12F


Clinical Data

Product IFU

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