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MOZECTM SEB offers controlled and targeted sirolimus drug release. Nanotech Novel Drug Delivery System features a unique formulation of Solid lipid nano spheres (SLN) consisting of sirolimus and lipid spheres. Deliverability enhanced with Mozec PTCA catheter:

  • PTFE coated proximal shaft for enhanced navigability and cross challenging lesions.
  • Low tip profile and semi-compliant balloon material allowing flat compliance.
  • Transparent ergonomic hub displaying balloon dimensions with flexible distal segment and pushable proximal segment.
mozec seb


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    Nanotech Novel Drug Delivery System for controlled release of sirolimus for ISR cases.

Product Specifications

Catheter Design Rapid Exchange
Tip Entry Profile 0.016”
Crossing Profile 0.024”
Balloon material composition NovalonTM
Balloon Compliance Semi-Compliant
Hydrophilic Coating MeriGlideTM - from base of distal tip to Rx-port
Nominal 7atm
RBP 16atm for 2 to 4mm diameters; 14atm for 4.5mm diameter


Size Chart

Diameter / Length 9 mm 12 mm 14 mm 15 mm
2.00 mm MOZS20009 MOZS20012 MOZS20014 MOZS20015
2.25 mm MOZS22509   MOZS22514  
2.50 mm MOZS25009   MOZS25014  
2.75 mm MOZS27509   MOZS27514  
3.00 mm MOZS30009   MOZS30014  
3.50 mm MOZS35009   MOZS35014  
4.00 mm MOZS40009   MOZS40014  
4.50 mm MOZS45009   MOZS45014  


Diameter / Length 17 mm 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm
2.00 mm MOZS20017 MOZS20020 MOZS20025 MOZS20030
2.25 mm MOZS22517 MOZS22520 MOZS22525 MOZS22530
2.50 mm MOZS25017 MOZS25020 MOZS25025 MOZS25030
2.75 mm MOZS27517 MOZS27520 MOZS27525 MOZS27530
3.00 mm MOZS30017 MOZS30020 MOZS30025 MOZS30030
3.50 mm MOZS35017 MOZS35020 MOZS35025 MOZS35030
4.00 mm MOZS40017 MOZS40020 MOZS40025 MOZS40030
4.50 mm MOZS45017 MOZS45020 MOZS45025 MOZS45030