Rx PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter


  • MOZECTM Rx PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter is indicated for balloon dilatation of coronary artery or bypass graft stenosis thereby improving myocardial perfusion.
  • US-FDA approved and also available in China, Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea, Latin America, Asia, Middle-East and Africa.
  • Ultra-low 0.016” distal tip entry profile that ensures navigation through tight lesions.
  • Small abrupt balloon shoulders help to avoid injury to healthy vessel adjacent to the lesion.
  • New NovalonTM balloon material with multi-fold ensures overall low-wrapping profile.
  • MeriStemTM hypo-tube shaft for enhanced support and pushability with MeriGlideTM hydrophilic coating on distal shaft for smooth trackability.
  • Swaged low profile RO marker band for accurate visibility.
  • 5 Fr guide catheter compatible and 6F compatibility for kissing balloon.
Mozec Rx PTCA - Balloon Dilatation Catheter for Angioplasty Post Heart Attack


MOZEC RX PTCA BDC For Balloon Angioplasty


Angioplasty or stenting is one such lifesaver option, especially when performed right after a heart attack. Putting in a stent helps prevent the narrowing of arteries and substantially improve your blood flow and prevent further damage to your heart. Know more here.

Product Specifications

Catheter Design Rapid Exchange
Tip Entry Profile 0.016”
Crossing Profile 0.024”
Balloon material composition Nylon (Semi-Compliant)
Balloon Compliance Semi-compliant
Hydrophilic Coating MeriGlideTM - from base of distal tip to Rx-port
Nominal 7atm
RBP 16atm for 1.25 to 4mm diameters; 14atm for 4.5mm diameter

Size Chart

DIA/Length 6 mm 9 mm 12 mm 14 mm 15 mm 17 mm 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm 33 mm 38 mm 41 mm
1.25 mm MOZ12506 MOZ12509 MOZ12512 - MOZ15515 - - - - - - -
1.50 mm        -   MOZ15009 MOZ15012 MOZ15015
2.00 mm MOZ20009 MOZ20012 MOZ20014 MOZ20015 MOZ20017 MOZ20020 MOZ20025 MOZ20030 MOZ20033 MOZ20038 MOZ20041
2.25 mm MOZ22509 MOZ22512 MOZ22514       - MOZ22517 MOZ22520 MOZ22525 MOZ22530 MOZ22533 MOZ22538 MOZ22541
2.50 mm MOZ25009 MOZ25012 MOZ25014 MOZ25017 MOZ25020 MOZ25025 MOZ25030 MOZ25033 MOZ25038 MOZ25041
2.75 mm MOZ27509 MOZ27512 MOZ27514 MOZ27517 MOZ27520 MOZ27525 MOZ27530 MOZ27533 MOZ27538 MOZ27541
3.00 mm MOZ30009 MOZ30012 MOZ30014 MOZ30017 MOZ30020 MOZ30025 MOZ30030 MOZ30033 MOZ30038 MOZ30041
3.25 mm MOZ32509 MOZ32512 MOZ32514 MOZ32517 MOZ32520 MOZ32525 MOZ32530 MOZ32533 MOZ32538 MOZ32541
3.50 mm MOZ35009 MOZ35012 MOZ35014 MOZ35017 MOZ35020 MOZ35025 MOZ35030 MOZ35033 MOZ35038 MOZ35041
4.00 mm MOZ40009 MOZ40012 MOZ40014 MOZ40017 MOZ40020 MOZ40025 MOZ40030 MOZ40033 MOZ40038 MOZ40041
4.50 mm MOZ45009 MOZ45012 MOZ45014 MOZ45017 MOZ45020 MOZ45025 MOZ45030 MOZ45033 MOZ45038 MOZ45041


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Clinical Data

Product IFU

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