Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System

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BioMime Lineage

BioMime LineageTM is a Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System with an ultra-thin 65 µm strut thickness on a Lineage Delivery System with Monolithic Design. Monolithic Distal Shaft Design has the best-in-class acute performance, pushability and trackability due to:

  • Reinforced inner lumen material to facilitate high pressure stent deployment without any risk of inner lumen shrinkage.
  • Elongated distal tip of 7.5mm ensures lower entry profile and high success for device crossing in complex anatomies.
  • Advanced balloon material used for distal shaft, to reduce its elongation.
  • Hydrophilic coating on entire distal shaft except balloon for increased lubrication and ease of navigation.
  • Robust, skived hypo tube to have a better force transmission from proximal to distal end to avoid kinking and lesion crossing difficulties.

BioMime LineageTM  the proven BioMime stent: Novel Hybrid Design with closed and open cells that allows for Morphology Mediated Expansion.

BioMime family of DES are available in 94 countries;
>500,000 stents deployed .



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    Ultra-thin 65 µm strut thickness & Biodegradable Polymer for Faster Healing

  • 02

    Monolithic stent delivery system for excellent force transmission


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    Novel Hybrid Cell Design with Open cells in the middle for Adequate Side Branch Access

  • 04

    Elongated distal tip of 7.5mm for lower entry profile and success in complex lesions

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     Highly deliverable and flexible in tortuous lesions

Product Specifications

Stent material  Cobalt Chromium L605
Stent strut thickness 65 µm
Stent architecture Hybrid Cell Design with Non-Linear links
Drug Sirolimus
Polymer BioPoly (Biodegradable + Biocompatible) 
Delivery system Rapid Exchange  
Drug Dose 1.25μg/mm2


Size Chart

Diameter / Length 8mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 24mm 29mm 32mm 37mm 40mm 44mm 48mm
2.00mm   BIL20013 BIL20016 BIL20019 BIL20024            
2.25mm BIL22508 BIL22513 BIL22516 BIL22519 BIL22524 BIL22529 BIL22532 BIL22537 BIL22540    
2.50mm BIL25008 BIL25013 BIL25016 BIL25019 BIL25024 BIL25029 BIL25032 BIL25037 BIL25040 BIL25044 BIL25048
2.75mm BIL27508 BIL27513 BIL27516 BIL27519 BIL27524 BIL27529 BIL27532 BIL27537 BIL27540 BIL27544 BIL27548
3.00mm BIL30008 BIL30013 BIL30016 BIL30019 BIL30024 BIL30029 BIL30032 BIL30037 BIL30040 BIL30044 BIL30048
3.50mm BIL35008 BIL35013 BIL35016 BIL35019 BIL35024 BIL35029 BIL35032 BIL35037 BIL35040 BIL35044 BIL35048
4.00mm BIL40008 BIL40013 BIL40016 BIL40019 BIL40024 BIL40029 BIL40032 BIL40037 BIL40040    
4.50mm BIL45008 BIL45013 BIL45016 BIL45019 BIL45024 BIL45029 BIL45032 BIL45037 BIL45040