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An Overview of Patellar Injuries

December 03, 2021

An Overview of Patellar Injuries

The knee is an extremely important joint in the human body. Unfortunately, it is also often prone to injuries. The knee has an extremely important bone called the patella, which is also called a kneecap.

Medical Devices

Could COVID-19 Be Causing Strokes? Know the Signs

November 18, 2021

Could COVID-19 Be Causing Strokes

The novel nature of COVID 19 saw researchers and medical professionals scrambling for answers to bring the pandemic under control for the better part of 2020.

Medical Devices

Coronavirus self-assessment: Can I test myself for Coronavirus at home?

November 09, 2021

Coronavirus self-assessment

With an unprecedented rise in Covid-19 cases all around, testing yourself is the only way to ascertain whether you have been infected with the virus. It eliminates your fear and anxiety associated with the disease.


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