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8 Early signs that you might need pregnancy test

December 09, 2020

If you’re trying to conceive and are doing everything right, you may be wondering ‘how early is too early’ to find out if you’re pregnant. While you look for those early pregnancy signs, we suggest you take a test for an early detection of pregnancy. Although there are several OTC pregnancy tests, the truth is that they are not always accurate. As such, it is better to visit a clinic and get your pregnancy confirmed. Not only are clinical tests accurate, today you can get your results in under 10 minutes.

Medical Devices

Hernia: Types, Symptoms, Treatment

November 30, 2020

The chances of developing a hernia increases with age. Anything that can increase pressure inside the abdomen will only increase the risks further. Excessive coughing, weight-lifting, obesity and even pregnancy can increase the chances of developing a hernia. The best thing to do, if you notice a small bulge near your groin is to seek medical help. If the hernia is benign, you will not need any serious intervention. However, if the intestine is stuck, it would be smart to get it back in place immediately with surgery. Do not brush it under the carpet as the condition will only worsen with time.

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Covid19 Impact: Living with the new normal

November 21, 2020

This year started on a gloomy note, with an unknown virus SARS-CoV-2 spreading across the world like wildfire, bringing the whole world to a standstill. People isolated themselves inside their homes for the longest time and relived their childhood days. While the fight with the virus is far from over, we all have learned to live with it and are trying to resume our pre pandemic lives with a new normal. But how will COVID impact our favorite festivals? Will it be bright as always or flicker due to the pandemic?


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