Bi-Leaflet Mechanical Heart Valve

High-Performance Material

The leaflets and orifice are made up of pyrolytic carbon, which guarantees excellent biocompatibility and superior safety.

Open Pivot Design

Open pivot design ensures mechanical washing of the hinges with blood flow and thus reduces the risk of thrombosis.
This design reduces the shear stress on the blood cells and hence minimizes damage to the blood cells.

85° Leaflet Opening

The 85° leaflet opening ensures improved laminar flow, reduced turbulence and optimizes the transvalvular gradients.

Suspended Leaflets

Suspended leaflet design enables fast opening and closing of the leaflets to allow sufficient blood flow that meets the physiological needs effectively.

Lower Noise

Smooth buffering reduces noise when the leaflets open and close, providing quieter functioning of the valve, thus ensuring a better quality of life.



MILTONIA Open Heart Surgery for Heart valve replacement

Aortic valve repair and aortic valve replacement are procedures that treat diseases affecting the aortic valve, one of four valves. Many surgical approaches can be used to repair or replace heart valves, including open-heart surgery or minimally invasive heart surgery. Know more here.

Size Chart

SIZES TAD(mm) Outer Diameter(mm) Inner Diameter(mm)
19A 16.2 19.8 14.8
21A 18.2 21.8 16.8
23A 20.2 23.8 18.8
25A 22.2 25.8 20.8
27A 24.2 27.8 22.8
16AP 16.2 16.2 14.8
18AP 18.2 18.2 16.8
20AP 20.2 20.2 18.8
23M 20.2 23.8 18.8
25M 22.2 25.8 20.8
27M 24.2 27.8 22.8
29M 26.2 29.8 24.8
31M 28.2 31.8 26.8
33M 28.2 33.8 26.8

AORTIC: Available in Size 19,21,23,25,27
AORTIC HP (High Performance) Available in Size 16,18,&20
MITRAL Available in Sizes 23,25,27,29,31 & 33

Clinical Data

Product IFU

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