Modular Femoral Head has following basic design features:

1. Modular Femoral Head is manufactured from Cobalt-Chromium alloy (CoCr) conforming to ASTM F1537-11: “Standard Specification for Wrought Cobalt - 28Chromium-6Molybdenum Alloys for Surgical Implants.” and ISO 5832-12:2007: “Implants for surgery-metallic materials-part 12: Wrought Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy” (Co-Cr-Mo).
2. Modular Femoral Head is intended to be used with uncemented stem or cemented stem through 12/14 taper connection and articulate with dedicated range of modular liner or bipolar monoblock shell. 
3. Modular Femoral Head is available in different sizes based on outer diameter ranging from 22 to 40 mm with different offsets viz. +0.0, +3.5, -3.5, +4.0, -4.0, +7.0. 



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Size Chart

Part No. Description Size
CoCr HNSS SS 316 L
HDAA-22/00 HDAM-22/00 HDAK-22/00 Modular  Head  22 +0
HDAA-22/35+ HDAM-22/35+ HDAK-22/35+ Modular  Head  22 +3.5
HDAA-28/00 HDAM-28/00 HDAK-28/00 Modular  Head  28 +0
HDAA-28/35+ HDAM-28/35+ HDAK-28/35+ Modular  Head  28 +3.5
HDAA-28/70+ HDAM-28/70+ HDAK-28/70+ Modular  Head  28 +7
HDAA-28/35- HDAM-28/35- HDAK-28/35- Modular  Head  28 -3.5
HDAA-32/00 HDAM-32/00 HDAK-32/00 Modular  Head  32 +0
HDAA-32/40+ HDAM-32/40+ HDAK-32/40+ Modular  Head  32 +4
HDAA-32/70+ HDAM-32/70+ HDAK-32/70+ Modular  Head  32 +7
HDAA-32/40- HDAM-32/40- HDAK-32/40- Modular  Head  32 -4
HDAA-36/00 HDAM-36/00 HDAK-36/00 Modular  Head  36 +0
HDAA-36/40+ HDAM-36/40+ HDAK-36/40+ Modular  Head  36 +4
HDAA-36/70+ HDAM-36/70+ HDAK-36/70+ Modular  Head  36 +7
HDAA-36/40- HDAM-36/40- HDAK-36/40- Modular  Head  36 -4
HDAA-40/00 HDAM-40/00 HDAK-40/00 Modular  Head  40 +0
HDAA-40/40+ HDAM-40/40+ HDAK-40/40+ Modular  Head  40 +4
HDAA-40/70+ HDAM-40/70+ HDAK-40/70+ Modular  Head  40 +7
HDAA-40/40- HDAM-40/40- HDAK-40/40- Modular  Head  40 -4

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