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Covid19 Impact: Living with the new normal

Covid19 Impact: Living with the new normal

This year started on a gloomy note, with an unknown virus SARS-CoV-2 spreading across the world like wildfire, bringing the whole world to a standstill. People isolated themselves inside their homes for the longest time and relived their childhood days. While the fight with the virus is far from over, we all have learned to live with it and are trying to resume our pre pandemic lives with a new normal. But how will COVID impact our favorite festivals? Will it be bright as always or flicker due to the pandemic?

Well the answer is, every year; from month October to December invigorates cities with a festive spirit all around. This quarter is a favorite for many. And why not? It brings excitement, enthusiasm, lights up the mood with social gatherings, festive food, and time for celebrations. Wearing the finest of clothes, hopping from one Diwali party to another, personally delivering Diwali greetings to relatives and friends, getting stuck for hours in traffic with the car full of gifts and goodies has been a common Diwali practice for the past many years.

But this year had been different, the virus that has continuously been cursed all over the globe and we all have restricted to large gatherings and events, stay indoors following safety rules. As we ditched parties and gatherings it showed us the importance of small moments in our lives and how it contributed #MoreToLife to combat stress and anxiety.  Activities like, gardening, spending time with family, eating homemade sweets or adding more to life of needy people.

Meril Life Sciences adding #MoreToLife

In this pandemic even Meril as a company became a part of this new change or New normal. We are proud to have unboxed for millions of people in India and around the globe to scale up the coronavirus testing with our indigenously manufactured COVID-19 One-Step RT-PCR Kit Evaluated by National Institute of Virology based on multiplex technology. One of the best outcome of Covid19 RT-PCR Kit is it’s high accuracy to give precise results. Along with RT-PCR kit Meril has wide range of COVID testing products in its basket like Meriscreen Antigen test kit, Meril Covid 19 rapid test IgG/IgM, Meril RNA Extractor kit etc. To know more click here Merillife Medical Devices

Meril Robotics for Joint Surgery

Along with COVID testing kit Meril tries to add #MoreToLife for its stakeholders in the best possible way.  With our core commitment to ensure the delivery of advance healthcare solutions. Our inclination towards research and development is reflected in our diverse offerings.  In the field of Orthopedics we have India’s most advanced surgical equipment ‘Meril Robotics’ for joint replacement surgery. It is a user-friendly, fully active surgical robot equipped with the values of Innovation, Flexibility and Ease of use to support surgeons with personalized pre-planning and precise cutting for predictable and consistent results. Advances in surgical technology have staggeringly changed the procedures for the better. It holds a significant promise in delivering a better medical environment for both doctors and patients. 

This procedure has a lot of functional benefits because of its minimally invasive nature. Because of less blood loss during the procedure, it helps patients recover faster, early rehabilitation and thus early discharge from the hospital. Especially during this pandemic time is all about taking utmost care wherever possible and an advanced robotic system like CUVIS Joint will do its best for it. With the least people required in Operation Theater and that too with least human interaction with the patient, the system does its best in the pandemic world. It also helps with the early discharge because of lesser tissue trauma caused. With least human interaction required, it not only helps from the pandemic perspective, but also minimizes possibility of any human error. Thus, patients can expect the best post-surgery outcomes with it.

In the field of Vascular Intervention Meril successfully managed in formulating the upgraded version of MeRes-1 with MeRes100 BRS - the first thin-tip sirolimus releasing bioresorbable vascular matrix with a low strut thickness that is naturally reabsorbed into the artery with period of time. Click here to know more

Meriscreen HIV 1-2 WB testing kit

Along with other Innovations in various fields we are honored & privileged to have received the WHO pre-qualification for our Meriscreen HIV 1-2 WB testing kit for our In-vitro diagnostics sections.

This pandemic may have bought a few things to a halt but learning should never stop!  And that’s why at the Meril Academy we make sure to bring you unparalleled virtual learning. Online webinars are conducted by well renowned faculties to add more value and credit to your learning experience with CME accreditations. So as we all move towards the new normal , let's carry our lessons with us, and be grateful for all those things that add more to our lives!

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