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What is a Drug Eluting Stent?

Drug Eluting Stent

A stent is a small tube that a doctor inserts into an artery that is blocked. This stent helps in keeping the artery open so that blood can flow normally. Stents are used in the treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD).

What is drug eluting stent?

Previously, doctors would always recommend bare metal stents. While these stents did help in opening up the affected artery, patients still faced the risk of restenosis. These days, doctors use a modern type of stent known as the drug eluting stent. True to its name, the drug eluting stent is coated with a drug that it slowly elutes to prevent the formation of blood clots. A drug eluting stent poses a far lower risk of restenosis than the former bare metal stents.

Using a drug eluting stent to treat coronary artery disease can help save a patient from needing bypass surgery. The stent is placed through a medical procedure known as an angioplasty.

While drug eluting stents are normally safe for use, there is slight risk of blood clotting and infection. Patients have also reported allergic reactions. Your doctor will discuss the possible risks and outcome that you can expect. Patients are usually put on blood thinners to prevent the risk of clots after the procedure.

Lifestyle changes for patients living with heart disease

If you have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, you need to take immediate steps to look after your heart health. A majority of these steps involve lifestyle changes. Make sure to switch over to a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Choose low-fat dairy and opt for lean meats. You will also need to get plenty of exercise to stay fit. If you have recently had a surgery, you can ask your doctor how soon you can exercise and how much exercise you are allowed per day.

It is extremely important to quit smoking. If you need help, you may want to consider asking your doctor for professional help and guidance.

You will also be given medications after your surgery. Make sure to take these on time at the prescribed intervals.

Drug eluting stents from Meril

Meril is an Indian medical device company with a presence in over 100 countries. The company is dedicated towards the research and manufacture of medical devices that can help improve prognosis. All devices undergo stringent testing to ensure that they offer state-of-the-art solutions to patients and doctors alike.  

Meril offers a range of drug eluting stents. These are:

  • BioMime Drug Eluting Coronary Stent

The BioMime drug eluting coronary stent from Meril offers ultra-thin strut thickness ((65 µm)). The stent design permits high flexibility and proper side branch access. It has a hybrid cells design with open cells in the middle and closed cells on the two ends of the stent that promote conformability.

  • Evermine50 DES

The Evermine50 DES is an Everolimus-eluting coronary stent system with an ultrathin strut (50 μm) and a hybrid cell design made of closed and open cells. It is the world’s thinnest stent which is commercially available. The low strut thickness lessens risk of vascular injury while not compromising on radial strength. The ultra-thin structure also ensures that the entry profile is significantly lessened.

  • Metafor

Metafor is a Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System with ultra-thin strut thickness (65 µm). The low strut thickness offers optimal radial strength and flexibility. Metafor has been designed based on BioMime DES and offers proper side branch access through its open middle cells. It has a biodegradable polymer coating.

  • Proficient

Proficient is a Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System with an ultra-thin strut thickness (65 µm). It has biodegradable polymer for quicker healing and a variable strut width that offers optimal radial strength.


Being diagnosed with heart disease is indeed concerning. However, with the many advancements that have been made in medical technology, patients can look forward to positive outcomes after treatment. Meril strives to continually conduct research that will unveil newer advancements in medical technology to alleviate patient suffering.

If you have a family history of heart disease, do make sure to go for regular check-ups. The early diagnosis of a disease can greatly impact the efficacy of treatment and improve recovery.