• Autoquant 400i
  • Autoquant 400i
  • Autoquant 400i

AutoQuant 400i/AutoQuant Supremus

AutoQuant 400iTM/Supremus is a random access fully auto-analyzer with throughput of 400 tests & optional ISE with 150 tests. Its majestic look coupled with features of high throughput is suitable for laboratories with very high workload.

  • On board cooling and On board laundry system with an Option of three different wash for forbidden pairs to minimize the carry over

  • Meril's cutting edge technology for volume measurement by ceramic block piston

  • 2 stirrers for mixing, probes with Liquid level sensor, Obstruction detection/Auto-dilution facility for range over samples

  • Windows based software, Compact Design


Autoquant 400i
  • 01

    Increased Accuracy.

  • 02

    High Precision.

  • 03

    Smart management.

  • 04

    Offers ease of operation.