• CliniQuant-Micro
  • CliniQuant-Micro


CliniQuantTM Micro is a compact, semi-automated biochemistry analyzer for routine chemistries and turbidimetric immuno-assays.


  • 01

     An interactive LCD touch screen, self diagnosis and copy test function, re-run option makes it easy to use.

  • 02

    Improved efficacy and accuracy with 8 channels fibre optical system, monochromatic and bichromatic reading, reading speed of 6.5 secs at single wavelength, 16 secs at dual wavelength.

  • 03

    Reading and calculation modes include absorbance mode, qualitative, semi–quantitative and quantitative mode, reverse cut off mode and multi-standard mode with option up to 10 standards.

  • 04

    Calibration curve types include multi point, conc. log, log – log, linear , OD log.

  • 05

    Inbuilt quality control for up to 4 levels control sera.

  • 06

    Display and printing levey – Jennings graph.