• GluQuant A1c

GluQuant A1c

HbA1c analyzer

GluQuant A1c is a benchtop fully automated HbA1c analyzer based on Ion Exchange Chromatography with HPLC principle. HPLC remains the GOLD STANDARD method for estimation of HbA1c and is used as reference to calibrate other HbA1c measuring technologies.

  • GluQuant A1c uses the established international reference method of Cation Exchange High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

  • No sample pre-treatment is required

  • Direct primary tube sampling with cap piercing

  • Automatic sample entry, on board capacity of 50 samples with automatic Barcode reader

  • Sample cycle: ≤ 150 secs/test High precision, CV≤2%


GluQuant A1c
  • 01

    Intuitive user interface.

  • 02

    Fully automatic walkaway system with fast sample processing speed.

  • 03

    HbA1c (NGSP and IFCC), HbF, eAG can also be tested at same time.

  • 04

    Eliminates unstable and variant HbA1c interference.