Enzyme Immunoassay for detection of antibodies (IgM) in human serum or plasma.

  • MAC Capture Antigen
  • Antigen Pool - Den - 1, Den- 2, Den - 3 and Den - 4
  • Lyophilized Reagents
  • Color coded Plates and reagents



  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for qualitative detection of IgG Antibodies specific to Dengue virus (GAC)

Product Specifications

Intended Use Test for detection of IgM Antibodies in human serum
Principle MAC Elisa
Technique ELISA
Detection Dengue IgM Antibodies
Capture Anti IgM antibodi
Conjugate Dengue Antigen
Type of Specimen required Serum or Plasma
Spicemen Volume One Drop
Total incubation time 140 minutes
Diagnostic Sensitivity 98%
Diagnostic Specificity 99%


Ordering Information

Product Code Material Description Pack Size
DGMELI-01 Vircell Dengue IgM ELISA 96 Wells

Clinical Data