Merilisa HCV is an Enzyme Immunoassay for the qualitative determination of antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus iin human serum and plasma.

  • Capture antigens - Core, NS3, NS4 and NS4
  • Recombinant proteins used for better sensitivity
  • Sample Addition montitoring
  • Increased standardization, test robustness and reproducibility




  • Detection of antibodies to Hepatitis C virus in human serum or plasma


Product Specifications

Intended Use Enzyme Immunoassay for qualitative determination of antibodies against HCV virus in human serum and plasma
Principle Sandwich Immunoassay
Technique ELISA
Detection Antibodies to HCV
Capture Recombinant antigens (Core, NS3,NS4,NS5)
Conjugate Anti human IgG conjugated with Horse Radish Peroxidase
Type of Specimen required Serum or Plasma
Total incubation time 90 minutes
Diagnostic Sensitivity 100%
Diagnostic Specificity > 99.5%
Evaluation National Institute of Biologicals


Ordering Information

Product Code Material Description Pack Size
HPCELI-01 Merilisa HCV 96 Wells

Clinical Data