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Merilyzer Nexgen

Product Overview
  • Merilyzer Nexgen is a Real time RT-PCR instrument.
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  • Features
    • Technology: Magnetic induction for heating of samples, Fan forced cooling leading to < 25 minutes for 35 cycles
    • SPEED: Fast results without compromise, Each channel uses an independent high intensity LED photodetector and filter set which ensures larger reach & improves the reading yield
    • ACCURACY: Incorporates a unique spinning aluminium rotor which has unsurpassed temperature uniformity during both dynamic and static operations to ensure high level of precision
    • SIZE: Weighing just 2kg, portable, compact qPCR cycler
    • CONNECTIVITY: Wireless robust communications
    • SOFTWARE: The unique automating analysis process enables combine multiple runs into one analysis
    • THERMAL PERFORMANCE: Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.250 C, Temperature Uniformity: +/-0.050 C
    • DETECTORS: Distinct photodiode per channel
    • CHANNELS: Green, Yellow, Orange & Red
    • OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Temperature- 18 to 35°C; Relative Humidity -20 to 80%

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