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Meriscreen HIV 1-2 WB

Product Overview
  • Meriscreen HIV 1-2 WB is WHO Prequalified 3rd Gen HIV screening Test. Can be used with Human Whole Blood or Serum or Plasma.
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  • Features
  • FAQs
    • 3rd Generation WHO Prequalified assay
    • Detects Anti HIV IgM, IgG, IgG
    • Recombinant gp120, gp41 for HIV 1 and Recombinant gp36 for HIV 2 are used for HIV Ab detection
    • Sample Type: Human Serum or Plasma or Whole Blood
    • Gives result in 20 & can be stored at 2 to 30 deg Celsius
    • How much is the window period for this kit?

      IgM takes around 3 weeks or more to be detectable post onset of viral replication.

    • What to do once this test gives reactive result?

      Follow testing guidelines given by NACO (National Guidelines for HIV Testing). NACO recommends use of three different assays for testing such sample. Follow the testing algorithm of “Detecting HIV Infection In Asymptomatic Individuals

    • How to avoid error during testing?

      Use recommended volume of sample. Use only the buffer provided with the kit and only 3 drops. Use immediately once the device opened.

    • What if the test band appears after reading time?

      Results are invalid beyond reading.

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