1. Hemovas  Needle:

These are needles with round bodies, pierce and spread the tissues with minimal cutting, used in internal anastamosis of blood vessels to prevent leakage, they are available in small fine sizes. The Hemovas needles also come along with a One ratio Suture, where the ratio of the Suture and the needle diameter is maintained 1:1 to prevent any kind of blood loss due to Suturing.

2. V-black Needle:

These needles are specially designed to provide outstanding visibility against tissue and where blood is present in operating field. V-black needle is specially designed in slim taper point which provides improved penetration properties and minimizes tissue trauma.

3. C2 Calcified Coronary Needle:

The cutting needle has a triangular point and it has a cutting edge. The unique point design of CC needle provides significantly improved penetration properties for cardiac/vascular surgery, when suturing tough, calcified vessels. This is achieved with no increase in tissue trauma compared to the conventional round bodied needle. Square body geometry, in addition to this makes it a stronger fine vascular needle, also this needle is particularly secure in the needle holder.

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