FILAMIDE- Versatility in applications along with exceptional knot security. FILAMIDE is a non-absorbable synthetic monofilament suture made of polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 (dyed black).


Filamide Non-Absorbable Surgical Suture


  • Preferred choice in Skin closure, Microsurgery procedures, Ophthalmic procedures, Ligatures
  • Used in specific Ophthal procedures like Cataract, Corneal, Trabeculectomy, Keratoplasty Surgeries

Product Specifications

Sizes available for Ophthalmic Surgeries USP 10/0 to USP 8/0 Double and single armed on Spatulated, Reverse cutting and Round Body combinations
In-house manufactured specialized needle to offer precision in evert critical step Available as SPATULATED Needle  

Clinical Data

Product IFU

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