MITSU – Most versatile choice of suture for soft tissue approximation
Best in class raw material ensuring Reliability
Sharper needles for easy and effortless Penetration
Consistent performance at every pass due to high needle-thread Integrity
MITSU is a mid-term absorbable braided and coated synthetic suture made of poly (glycolide-co-l-lactide)(90/10). MITSU degrades by hydrolysis and assures predictable and reliable absorption.

  • Retention of 75% knot tensile strength upto 14 days
  • Retention of 50% knot tensile strength upto 21 days
  • Complete mass absorption within 56 to 70 days




  • Used for General soft tissue approximation and/or ligation across suitable surgery types

Product Specifications

Sizes available for Plastic Surgeries  USP 8/0 TO USP 3/0 Double armed and Single armed Round Body, Reverse Cutting and Spatulated Needle

Clinical Data

Product IFU

Note: IFU will be displayed after MDR Certification