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Airway Dilation Catheter

MeticTM - Airway Dilation Catheter is designed to safely dilate airway strictures with minimal mucosal trauma. MeticTM offers a safe, elegant, minimally invasive solution for airway management. It provides consistent performance for balloon endoscopy for optimal control, efficiency and performance. It offers a wide range of balloon sizes for pediatric and adult patients. 

  • Low - profile system

  • Soft tip closed at one end guides device through delicate anatomy.

  • Custom balloon catheter and stylet optimized for airway anatomy.

  • Single lumen catheter for quick inflation and deflation.


  • 01

    Easy access of resistant lesions.

  • 02

    Allows multiple dilations.

  • 03

    Non- compliant design maintains consistent diameter through multiple dilations.


The MeticTM - Airway Dilation Catheter is intended to dilate strictures of the airway.