• Profound A
  • Profound A
  • Absorbable tacks made of Polylactide-co-glycolide

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable handle with easy to deploy trigger

  • Wide proximal wings with violet color

  • Available in 15 & 30 spikes count


Assured Fixation, Delivered

PROFOUNDTM A is an absorbable fixation device that offers patient-proven pain reduction. It also reduces the risk of intraperitoneal adhesions.



Profound A-Benefit


  • 01

    Clinically proven pain reduction due to absorbable content

  • 02

    Easy fixation delivered.

  • 03

    Designed specifically to optimize visibility during surgery

  • 04

    Provide significant savings


ProfoundTM A absorbable fixation device is intended for fixation of surgical mesh to the tissues in hernia repair.