• Merniuem mesh
  • Merniuem mesh


Polypropylene/Polylactide-Caprolactone Mesh

Superior barrier/Maximum Protection

The MERINEUMTM Mesh is a tissue separating dual layer mesh with unique features such as superior barrier and drainage holes that provides maximum protection and ensures seroma drainage in time for better patient treatment.



  • Well-proportioned drainage holes to ensure seroma drainage in time

  • Blue lines for mesh orientation

  • Superior barrier that is more resistant to damage during deployment


  • 01

    Maximum protection against adhesion formation during critical period

  • 02

    Transparent mesh facilitates the visualization of the underlying tissues and vessels

  • 03

    Improved macroporosity facilitates better tissue in-growth and rapid abdominal wall integration

  • 04

    The 'F' mark helps in identifying visceral side during laparoscopic placement 


MerineumTM Mesh is indicated for use intraperitoneally for laparoscopic ventral hernia repair (IPOM)

Technical Specification

Structure Knitted
Chemical Composition Polypropylene/Polylactide-caprolactone (PP/PLCL)
Pore Size 1.8~2 mm
Weight 185 gsm (Before Absorption of PLCL), 40 gsm (After Absorption of PLCL)
Thickness 0.5-0.6 mm (Before Absorption of PLCL), 0.5 mm (After Absorption of PLCL)
Brust strength - Initial 350 N
Brust strength - After PLCL absorption 330 N
Type of absorption Partially absorption
Sterilization Gamma Radiation

Product Code

Product Code Description
TSM715RE PP+PLCL (7.6cm*15cm rectangular)
TSM1015OV PP+PLCL (10cm*15cm oval)
TSM1515SQ PP+PLCL (15cm*15cm square)
TSM1520RE PP+PLCL (15cm*20cm rectangular)
TSM1520OV PP+PLCL (15cm*20cm oval)
TSM2025OV PP+PLCL (20cm*25cm oval)