The same instrumentation is used for all implants in the system, dramatically lowering the learning curve. Patients with varying needs, such as bone types and fixation, may be treated with the same instrument set.


Size Chart

Odering Info

Part No. Description
U09CDXX/X Box Osteotome-1 (S)
U10CDXX/X Box Osteotome-2 (XS)
U15AJXX/X Broach Handle (Straight)
U16AJXX/X Broach Handle (Curved)
U14EIXX/X Stem Inserter
U14FRXX/X Sliding Slap Hammer
R14GGXX/X Femoral Head Extractor
U14AJ02/X T- Handle - 2
U14CAXX/X Intramedullary Reamer (IM)- Initiator
U09AIXX/X Universal Handle
U14AIXX/X Antiversional Handle
U12FJXX/X Femoral Head Impactor Block
U14FTXX/X Mallet
U13CAXX/X Taper Reamer
Z13CA08/X Femoral Canal Reamer Ø8 mm
Z13CA10/X Femoral Canal Reamer Ø10 mm
Z13CA12/X Femoral Canal Reamer Ø12 mm
U14CA06/X Starter Reamer Ø 6mm
U14CA09/X Starter Reamer Ø 9mm
U00CAXX/X Canal Finder

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