Instrumentation options further enhance surgical technique versatility by matching surgeon preference regarding approach.This Instrument Set is a comprehensive system of instruments for stabilization of the Proximal Femur region.Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage.Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use.Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


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TRENT Hip Replacement System Instrument Set

Part No. Description
TZ19CQXX/X Broach for Monoblock Stem Small
TZ20CQXX/X Broach for Monoblock Stem Medium
TZ21CQXX/X Broach for Monoblock Stem Large
TZ22CQXX/X Broach for Monoblock Stem XL
TZ23CQXX/X Broach for Monoblock Stem XXL
TU14EIXX/X Broach Holder
TX13KF22/C Trial Femoral Head 22 +0mm
TX13KF22/U Trial Femoral Head 22 +5mm
TX13KF22/V Trial Femoral Head 22 +10mm
TX13KF26/C Trial Femoral Head 26 +0mm
TX13KF26/U Trial Femoral Head 26 +5mm
TX13KF26/V Trial Femoral Head 26 +10mm
TV13KO37/G Trial Bipolar Head Ø 37mm
TV13KO39/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 39mm
TV13KO41/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 41mm
TV13KO43/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 43mm
TV13KO45/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 45mm
TV13KO47/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 47mm
TV13KO49/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 49mm
TV13KO51/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 51mm
TV13KO53/H Trial Bipolar Head Ø 53mm
TU14EJXX/X Holder for Trial Bipolar Head
TU14AR13/X Retractor Handle
TU13EIXX/X Stem Inserter
TU19CDXX/X Box Osteotome Small
TU24CDXX/X Box Osteotome Regular
TU14AR14/X C Type Retractor with 2 Blade
TU14CAXX/X Taper Reamer Serreted
TU24CAXX/X Taper Reamer Slotted - Regular
TU19CAXX/X Taper Reamer Slotted - Small
TU13FJXX/X Bipolar Impactor
TU00HRXX/X Murphy Skid
TU14AR05/X Cork Screw
TU00IPXX/X Head Caliper
TU00LIXX/X Tommy/Antiversion Bar
TZ00CQXX/X Broach for Fixed Head Bipolar
PHIT-00008 Instrument Case

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