Instrumentation options further enhance surgical technique versatility by matching surgeon preference regarding approach. This Spine Instrument Set is a comprehensive system of instruments for stabilization of the spine in the thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions. Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage. Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use. Instruments are made from superior Grade materials. 


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CLINCH 5.5 Posterior Thoracic & Lumbar Spinal Fixation System Instrument Set

Part No. Description
MT-INCL55001 Awl 276.5
MT-INCL55002 Probe,Straight 240
MT-INCL55003 Probe,Curved 240
MT-INCL55004 Probe,Straight 240
MT-INCL55005 Double end Probe 300
MT-INCL55006 Tap 4.5mm
MT-INCL55007 Tap 5.5mm
MT-INCL55008 Tap 6.5mm
MT-INCL55009 Tap 7.5mm
MT-INCL55010 Ratchet Handle 165.5
MT-INCL55011 Multi-axial Screw Hex driver M9
MT-INCL55012 Fix angle screws driver M9
MT-INCL55013 T-handle
MT-INCL55014 Wrenching bar SW4.0
MT-INCL55015 Plug Starter,Hex SW4.0/3.5
MT-INCL55016 Plug Starter,Hex SW6.35
MT-INCL55017 Pre-Plug Driver SW6.35
MT-INCL55018 20cm Template rod
MT-INCL55019 Rod bender 330
MT-INCL55020 Rod holder 5.5
MT-INCL55021 Rod Pusher 5.5
MT-INCL55022 Rod Reducer Plier 5.5
MT-INCL55023 Rocker 5.5
MT-INCL55024 Counter Reduction Sleeve Wrench 5.5
MT-INCL55025 Final Plug Driver SW6.35
MT-INCL55026 Curved Compressor
MT-INCL55027 Curved Distractor
MT-INCL55028 Power Gripper
MT-INCL55029 Rod Rotation Wrench SW4.0
MT-INCL55030 Sagittal Plane In-Situ Bender 5.5,left
MT-INCL55031 Sagittal Plane In-Situ Bender 5.5,right
MT-INCL55032 Multi-axial Reduction Screw Hex driver M9
MT-INCL55033 Fix angle Reduction screws driver M9
MT-INCL55034 Rod Reducer Plier-Reduction Extension sleeve A7
MT-INCL55035 Rod Reducer Plier-Reduction Extension sleeve B14
MT-INCL55036 Reduction screw Rocker 5.5
MT-INCL55037 Reduction Tab Breaker 5.5
MT-INCL55038 Template Rod 500mm
MT-INCL55039 Power Gripper 5.5
MT-INCL55040 Coronal plane In-Situ Bender 5.5,left
MT-INCL55041 Coronal plane In-Situ Bender 5.5,right
MT-INCL55042 Lateral Rod Impactor 5.5
MT-INCL55043 Lateral Rod Impactor Handle 5.5
MT-INCL55044 Lateral Rod Impactor - T Handle SW14.5
MT-INCL55045 Hook Holder ,Straight 210
MT-INCL55046 Hook Holder ,Curved 209
MT-INCL55047 10Nm Torsion Limited Driver 10Nm
MT-INCL55048 Crosslink driver SW4.0
MT-INCL55049 Crosslink driver SW3.5
MT-INCL55050 SW4.0 Driver shaft
MT-INCL55051 Instrument case A
MT-INCL55052 Instrument case B

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