Instrumentation options further enhance surgical technique versatility by matching surgeon preference regarding approach.This Spine Instrument Set is a comprehensive system of instruments for stabilization of the spine in the lumbar regions.Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage.Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use.Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


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KEDGE Infusion Lumbar Cage system Instrument Set

Part No. Description
MS-INKLCS001 Threaded Inserter 263
MS-INKLCS002 Wrench Ø3.5
MS-INKLCS003 Trial 6×24
MS-INKLCS004 Trial 8×22
MS-INKLCS005 Trial 8×26
MS-INKLCS006 Trial 10×22
MS-INKLCS007 Trial 10×26
MS-INKLCS008 Trial 12×22
MS-INKLCS009 Trial 12×26
MS-INKLCS010 Trial 14×22
MS-INKLCS011 Trial 14×26
MS-INKLCS012 Slap Hammer 185
MS-INKLCS013 Slap Plate 100
MS-INKLCS014 Round Scraper large
MS-INKLCS015 Round Scraper Medium
MS-INKLCS016 Round Scraper Medium /Small
MS-INKLCS017 Round Scraper Small
MS-INKLCS018 Rotation Cutter 7
MS-INKLCS019 Rotation Cutter 8
MS-INKLCS020 Rotation Cutter 9
MS-INKLCS021 Root Retractor large
MS-INKLCS022 Root Retractor small
MS-INKLCS023 Elevator 200
MS-INKLCS024 Implant Support 47.5
MS-INKLCS025 Graft Impacter Ø4.5
MS-INKLCS026 Push Scraper
MS-INKLCS027 Pull Scraper
MS-INKLCS028 Straight Serrated Cup Curette long
MS-INKLCS029 Straight Serrated Cup Curette short
MS-INKLCS030 Stick
MS-INKLCS031 Funnel
MS-INKLCS032 Instrument case

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