ARAMR - 4.5mm Locking Plate system Instrument Set

Trauma instrumentation meets surgeon's requirement in precision and ease of use. Specially designed instrumentation considering suggestions from surgeons. Instruments are specially designed to have minimum soft tissue damage. Instruments are made from superior grade materials.


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    4.5mm Locking Plate System Instrument Set is a comprehensive system of instruments for stabilization of the Femur Bone

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    Accurate Sizing of Components

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    Precise Component Alignment

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    Intuitive Design

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Atcual Part No. Description
MT-INLLPS001 Drill bit Ø3.2mm, Length 145mm, 2-flute, for Quick Coupling
MT-INLLPS002 Drill bit Ø4.3mm, Length 270mm, 2-flute, for Quick Coupling
MT-INLLPS003 Drill bit Ø4.5mm, Length 145mm, 2-flute, for Quick Coupling
MT-INLLPS004 Countersink for 4.5mm Screw Head, Length 130mm
MT-INLLPS005 Tap for Cortex Screws Ø4.5mm, Length 130 mm for quick coupling
MT-INLLPS015 Ø3.2 Insert Drill Sleeve
MT-INLLPS010 LPS Drill Sleeve 5.0, for Drill Bits Ø4.3mm
MT-INLLPS017 Drill Sleeve OD4.3mm & ID2.0mm
MT-INLLPS013 Double Drill Guide 4.5mm & 3.2mm, for Neutral and Load position
MT-INLLPS011 Universal Drill Guide 4.5mm & 3.2mm
MT-INLLPS024 Screwdriver, Hexagonal, A/F 3.5mm, with Groove & Holding Sleeve
MT-INLLPS020 Screwdriver Shaft 3.5, hexagonal, self holding
MT-INLLPS021 Screwdriver, hexagonal, large, Ø3.5mm, with Groove, Length 305mm
MT-INLLPS019 Torque Limiter Screw Driver 3.5mm Hex Self Holding 4Nm
MT-INLLPS037 Tension Device - LLPS
MT-INLLPS038 Broken Screw Extractor - LLPS
MT-INLLPS036 Extraction Screw for 4.5mm/5.0mm Screws
MT-INSLPS031 T-Handle with Quick coupling SLPS
MT-INLLPS030 Screw Holding Sleeve, 4.5mm/5.0mm Screw
MT-INLLPS033 Reduction Forceps With Points ( Large )
MT-INLLPS034 Termite Stagbeetle ( Large )
MT-INLLPS035 Bone Holding Forceps, Self Centering for LLPS
MT-INSLPS017 Guide Wire - Krischner - SLPS
MT-INLLPS031 Bending Iron for Plate - Type A - LLPS
MT-INLLPS032 Bending Iron for Plate - Type B - LLPS
MT-INLLPS026 Bending Template for 4.5mm Low Contourable Dual Compression Plate, Length 210mm
MT-INLLPS027 Bending Template for 4.5mm Low Contourable Dual Compression Plate, Length 120mm
MT-INLLPS028 Bending Template for 4.5mm Low Contourable Dual Compression Plate, Length 155mm
MT-INLLPS025 Depth Gauge for Screws 4.5/6.5mm, measuring range up to 100mm
MT-INLLPS022 Cleaning Driver
MT-INLLPS012 Double Drill Guide 4.5mm & 3.2mm
MT-INLLPS039 Instrument Case with Lid - LLPS