Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use.Specially designed instrumentation considering suggestions from surgeons.Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage.Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


Size Chart

Part No. Description
MT-INPFRN055 Ø11.0mm Reamer for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN032 Gear Sets for PFRN
MT-INPFRN002 Drill Bit Ø11.0mm for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN047 Direct Measuring Device for guide wire Ø3.2mm
MT-INPFRN005 Trocar Ø3.2mm for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN006 Drill Sleeve Ø3.2mm/11.0 for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN007 Protection Sleeve 16.0mm/11.0 for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN033 Buttress/Compression Nut for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN057 Impactor for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN059 Combined Hammer(500gm) for PFRN
MT-INPFRN008 Cannulated Connecting Screw for PFRN
MT-INPFRN050 Insertion Handle for PFRN
MT-INPFRN010 Ø3.2mm Guide Wire for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN003 Drill Bit Ø17.0mm Flexible Cannulated for PFRN
MT-INPFRN011 Protection Sleeve 20.0mm/17.0 for PFRN
MT-INPFRN012 Drill sleeve for PFRN
MT-INPFRN034 Hexagonal Wrench with T Handle
MT-INPFRN035 Connector for PFRN
MT-INPFRN036 Ø4.5mm Pin Wrench 120mm Length
MT-INPFRN052 Holding Sleeve, Large
MT-INPFRN013 Aiming Jig For Anti-Rotation Wire
MT-INPFRN014 Drill Sleeve Ø3.2mm/5.6 for PFRN
MT-INPFRN015 Protection Sleeve 11.0mm/8.0 for PFRN
MT-INPFRN016 Drill Sleeve Ø4.0mm/8.0 for PFRN, Green
MT-INPFRN017 Trocar Ø4.0mm for PFRN
MT-INPFRN048 Measuring Device for Locking Bolt 20-100
MT-INPFRN049 Radiographic Ruler for PFRN
MT-INPFRN018 Ø2.8mm Guide Wire with Hook 460mm Length
MT-INPFRN001 Drill Bit Ø4.0mm for PFRN Anti-rotation Screw
MT-INPFRN037 Hexagonal Screw Driver Cannulated Ø6.5 & 7.3mm
MT-INPFRN038 Hexagonal Screw Driver Large Ø3.5 & 300mm Length
MT-INPFRN019 Static Lock Aiming Arm for Small & Extra Small PFRN Nail
MT-INPFRN054 Screw Holding Forceps with self Holding for PFRN
MT-INPFRN020 Dynamic Locking Aiming Arm for PFRN
MT-INPFRN039 Hexagonal Spherical Wrench
MT-INPFRN040 Soft Diamond for PFRN
MT-INPFRN041 M8 Guide Rod for PFRN
MT-INPFRN042 Limit Wrench for PFRN
MT-INPFRN022 Guide Pin Ø2.5mmx450mm
MT-INPFRN043 Clip - Fastner
MT-INPFRN023 Sleeve for Positioning Rod
MT-INPFRN024 Aiming Arm for Connecting Blocks - 260 to 340
MT-INPFRN025 Aiming Arm for Connecting Blocks - 360 to 420
MT-INPFRN026 Guide Rod for PFRN
MT-INPFRN027 Remote Aiming Rack
MT-INPFRN028 M5 Guide Rod Lock Wheel
MT-INPFRN029 M6 Guide Rod Lock Wheel
MT-INPFRN044 Ø9.0mm Positioning Rod
MT-INPFRN045 Ø10.0mm Positioning Rod
MT-INPFRN030 Drill Sleeve 8.0/6.0
MT-INPFRN031 Ø6.0mm Trocar
MT-INPFRN056 Ø6.0mm Bone Reamer
MT-INPFRN004 Ø6.0mm Bone Drill
MT-INPFRN046 Allen Wrench
MT-INPFRN053 T-Generic Interface Handle for PFRN
MT-INPFRN058 Apparatus Box - Case
MT-INPFRN060 Wrench for PFRN

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