Mozec PTA 35

Mozec PTA is a percutaneous transluminal angioplasty balloon catheter system for treatment of vessels with obstructive disease, sub-total or total occluded peripheral vessel.

Low tip entry profile ensures Crossability through tight lesions

BioGlide™ hydrophilic coating on balloon and shaft provides enhanced Deliverability

Superior force transmission with seamless single tube transition provides FeatherLite™ Pushability

FeatherGlide™ Trackability with low tracking force

Fatigue Resistance balloon material provides better Durability

  • Smaller Diameter balloon (3 mm) on 0.035" platform

  • Treat long diffused SFA lesions with 300 mm long balloon

  • Experience Enhanced Navigation


  • 01

    Assured Trackability + Superior Deliverability + Responsive Pushability = Enhanced Navigation

  • 02

    Extend your reach of treatment with longer length balloons upto 300 mm

  • 03

    3/6 fold good rewrap profile helpful during multiple dilatation

  • 04

    Faster Inflation / Deflation Time (*<10 sec) reduces radiation exposure time

  • 05

    Semi Compliant PEBA balloon material provides better balloon flexibility


Percutaneous Angioplasty in patients with obstructive disease of peripheral vessels with reference vessel diameter equal to or larger than selected balloon size.

Pre-conditioning of the lesion prior to stent placement.

Post dilatation of deployed stent to ensure its optimal conformability.

Enabling entry/access in a sub-total or totally occluded vessel.

Patching up of a dissected flap or temporary leak prevention during perforation.

Product Specifications

Catheter System Over-The-Wire (OTW)
Balloon Material PEBA
Catheter Usable Length 135 ± 2 cm
Max Guidewire Compatibility 0.035"
Min Sheath Comptibility 5F / 7F (Refer box/IFU for details)
Shaft/Balloon Coating Biocompatible Hydrophilic Lubricious coating on Balloon + Distal Shaft
Distal Puchase 5.0 ± 1 mm
Balloon RO Markers 2 Platinum-Iridium
Nominal Pressure (NP) 6 / 7 ATM (Refer compliance chart for details)
Rated Burst Pressure (RBP) 12 - 14 ATM (Refer compliance chart for details)

Size Chart

Diameter / Length 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm
3 mm MO35030040B MO35030060B MO35030080B MO35030120B MO35030150B MO35030200B MO35030250B MO35030300B
4 mm MO35040040B MO35040060B MO35040080B MO35040120B MO35040150B MO35040200B MO35040250B MO35040300B
5 mm MO35050040B MO35050060B MO35050080B MO35050120B MO35050150B MO35050200B MO35050250B MO35050300B
6 mm MO35060040B MO35060060B MO35060080B MO35060120B MO35060150B MO35060200B MO35060250B MO35060300B
7 mm MO35070040B MO35070060B MO35070080B MO35070120B MO35070150B      
8 mm MO35080040B MO35080060B MO35080080B MO35080120B MO35080150B      
9 mm MO35090040B MO35090060B MO35090080B          
10 mm MO35100040B MO35100060B MO35100080B          
12 mm MO35120040B              
14 mm MO35140040B