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Cobalt chrome (CoCr) knee implants are used for knee replacements since 50 years. However, Meril has patented a new technology called OPULENT BIONIK GOLD KNEE. It comprises a TiNbN coating with the least wear property, which is 40% lesser than regular CoCr, the hardest surface (8 times harder than CoCr), 2 times stronger than other implants of similar category and the most biocompatible non-allergic surface material. This knee implant system, with a base science of the FREEDOMr KNEE, is a ray of hope for young and old patients who want to enjoy an active, long-term and quality performance. 

  • 8 times harder than regular CoCr implants

  • 2 times harder than the zirconium oxide implants

  • Least allergic (ionic release of a mere 0.0008 times of regular CoCr)

  • Friction is less than half of regular CoCr knees


  • 01

    Absolute biocompatibility.

  • 02

    Superior abrasion resistance for longevity.

  • 03

    Allergy prevention.

  • 04

    Ideal for young and old active patients.

  • 05

    High flexion for utmost freedom of movements.