Floret ASD Occluder is a percutaneous, transcatheter, atrial septal defect closure device. The device is designed to close ASD in secundum position or patients who have undergone a fenestrated Fontan procedure and now require closure of fenestration.


Product Specifications

Design Braided
Material Nitinol wires shaped into two discs
Architecture Nitinol
Fabric Insert Polyester

Size Chart

Cat. No Diameter of Waist (Φd) Diameter of Right Disc (Φd1) Diameter of Left Disc (Φd2) Recommended Sheath Size
ASD06 06mm 14mm 18mm 06F
ASD08 08mm 16mm 20mm 07F
ASD10 10mm 18mm 22mm 07F
ASD12 12mm 22mm 26mm 07F-08F
ASD14 14mm 24mm 28mm 08F-09F
ASD16 16mm 26mm 30mm 08F-09F
ASD18 18mm 28mm 32mm 09F
ASD20 20mm 30mm 34mm 10F
ASD22 22mm 32mm 36mm 10F
ASD24 24mm 34mm 38mm 10F
ASD26 26mm 36mm 40mm 12F
ASD28 28mm 38mm 42mm 12F
ASD30 30mm 40mm 44mm 12F
ASD32 32mm 42mm 46mm 12F
ASD34 34mm 44mm 50mm 12F
ASD36 36mm 46mm 52mm 12F-14F
ASD38 38mm 48mm 54mm 14F
ASD40 40mm 50mm 56mm 14F
ASD42 42mm 52mm 58mm 14F


Clinical Data

Product IFU

Note: IFU will be displayed after MDR Certification