• ProficientTM is a Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System with an ultra-thin 65 µm strut thickness.
  • ProficientTM SES is NexGen Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System with a unique cell design comprising an intelligent mix of open and closed cells.
  • Low strut thickness of 65 μm cobalt chromium L605 coupled with variable strut width composition results in a structure which provides optimal radial and strength with flexibility. 
  • Biodegradable Polymer: 2µm low thickness, stable and elastic polymer.


Product Specifications

Stent material Cobalt Chromium L605
Stent Strut thickness 65 µm
Stent architecture Hybrid Cell Design with Non-Linear links
Drug Sirolimus
Polymer Biodegradable + Biocompatible 
Delivery system Rapid Exchange
Drug Dose 1.25μg/mm2
Coating Thickness 2μm

Size Chart

DIAMETER / LENGTH 8 MM 13 MM 16 MM 19 MM 24 MM 29 MM 32 MM 37 MM 40 MM
2.50 mm PFN25008 PFN25013 PFN25016 PFN25019 PFN25024 PFN25029 PFN25032 PFN25037 PFN25040
2.75 mm PFN27508 PFN27513 PFN27516 PFN27519 PFN27524 PFN27529 PFN27532 PFN27537 PFN27540
3.00 mm PFN30008 PFN30013 PFN30016 PFN30019 PFN30024 PFN30029 PFN30032 PFN30037 PFN30040
3.50 mm PFN35008 PFN35013 PFN35016 PFN35019 PFN35024 PFN35029 PFN35032 PFN35037 PFN35008
4.00 mm PFN40008 PFN35013 PFN35016 PFN35019 PFN35024 PFN35029 PFN35032 PFN35037 PFN35040

Clinical Data