PTA balloon catheter

MOZECTM PEB is a paclitaxel coated PTA balloon catheter indicated for treatment of peripheral vessels with obstructive disease, sub-total or totally occluded vessel. With a drug dose of 3µg/mm², MOZECTM PEB upgrades your efficiency to treat and manage patients with long, diffused disease up to 200mm at one go.

  • Extends your reach of drug treatment - longest length 200mm
  • Securing outcomes with proprietary drug adhesion technology
  • Enhanced navigation with MOZECTM PTA platform
  • Upgrades Efficiency with 200mm Long Balloons
  • Available for both BTK and SFA Indications


Mozec PEB

Product Specifications

  Mozec PEB PTA 14 Mozec PEB PTA 35
Catheter System Over-The-Wire (OTW) Over-The-Wire (OTW)
Balloon Material PEBA PEBA
Drug Type Paclitaxel (Crystalline form) Paclitaxel (Crystalline form)
Drug Dosage 3 µg/mm² 3 µg/mm²
Excipient Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG-200) + Urea AR grade + Acetone Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG-200) + Urea AR grade + Acetone
Catheter Usable Length 80 cm & 150 cm 80 cm & 150 cm
Max Guidewire Compatibility 0.014" 0.035"
Min Sheath Comptibility 5 -8F 5 - 8F
Distal Puchase 5.0 ± 1 mm 5.0 ± 1 mm
Balloon RO Markers 2 Platinum-Iridium 2 Platinum-Iridium
Nominal Pressure (NP) 6 / 7 atm (Refer compliance chart for details) 6 / 7 atm (Refer compliance chart for details)
Rated Burst Pressure (RBP) 11 - 14 atm (Refer compliance chart for details) 11 - 14 atm (Refer compliance chart for details)


Size Chart

Diameter / Length 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm
2 mm MO14P020040B MO14P020060B MO14P020080B MO14P020120B MO14P020150B MO14P020200B MO14P020250B
2.5 mm MO14P025040B MO14P025060B MO14P025080B MO14P025120B MO14P025150B MO14P025200B MO14P025250B
3 mm MO14P030040B MO14P030060B MO14P030080B MO14P030120B MO14P030150B MO14P030200B MO14P030250B
3.5 mm MO14P035040B MO14P035060B MO14P035080B MO14P035120B MO14P035150B MO14P035200B MO14P035250B
4 mm MO14P040040B MO14P040060B MO14P040080B MO14P040120B MO14P040150B MO14P040200B MO14P040250B

Diameter / Length 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm
3 mm MO35P030040B MO35P030060B MO35P030080B MO35P030120B MO35P030150B MO35P030200B MO35P030250B MO35P030300B
4 mm MO35P040040B MO35P040060B MO35P040080B MO35P040120B MO35P040150B MO35P040200B MO35P040250B MO35P040300B
5 mm MO35P050040B MO35P050060B MO35P050080B MO35P050120B MO35P050150B MO35P050200B MO35P050250B MO35P050300B
6 mm MO35P060040B MO35P060060B MO35P060080B MO35P060120B MO35P060150B MO35P060200B MO35P060250B MO35P060300B
7 mm MO35P070040B MO35P070060B MO35P070080B MO35P070120B MO35P070150B      
8 mm MO35P080040B MO35P080060B MO35P080080B MO35P080120B MO35P080150B      

Clinical Data

Product IFU

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