Promesa BMS is a self expanding Nitinol peripheral stent system for use in peripheral vasculature which undergoes various axial, longitudinal and other relative forces. Promesa delivers Impactful Performance and Enduring Outcomes.The use of Nitinol self expanding stents may also extend to biliary usage. 

• Hybrid stent architecture: Open Cell + Closed Cell design

• Higher stent Integrity & Improved Durability

• Placement Accuracy and Visibility

• Improved Access & Deliverability


Product Specifications

Stent Material Nickel Titanium Alloy (NiTi-nol)
Strut Thickness 170 µ
Stent Diameters (mm) 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Stent Lengths (mm) 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180
Mean Recoil 0%
Mean Foreshortening 3.00%
Delivery System Over-The-Wire (OTW)
Usable Catheter Length 80 & 120 cm
Max Guidewire Compatibility 0.035"
Radiopaque markers 2 Platinum-Iridum marker bands
Recommended Sheath / Introducer 6F

Size Chart

Diameter / Length 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm 120 mm 150 mm 180 mm 200 mm 220 mm
5 mm PRB0500040B PRB0500060B PRB0500080B PRB0500100B PRB0500120B PRB0500150B PRB0500180B PRB0500200B PRB0500220B
6 mm PRB0600040B PRB0600060B PRB0600080B PRB0600100B PRB0600120B PRB0600150B PRB0600180B PRB0600200B PRB0600220B
7 mm PRB0700040B PRB0700060B PRB0700080B PRB0700100B PRB0700120B PRB0700150B PRB0700180B PRB0700200B PRB0700220B
8 mm PRB0800040B PRB0800060B PRB0800080B PRB0800100B PRB0800120B PRB0800150B PRB0800180B PRB0800200B PRB0800220B
9 mm PRB0900040B PRB0900060B PRB0900080B            
10 mm PRB1000040B PRB1000060B PRB1000080B PRB1000100B PRB1000120B        


Clinical Data

Product IFU

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