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MeriTe Cu 375

MeriTe CuTM 375 is an intrauterine device with flexible side-arms. It is made with a combination of high-density polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and barium sulphate in a weight ratio of 44/36/20. A copper wire with 99% purity is wound around the stem, giving a total copper surface area of 375 mm2. A monofilament nylon thread is attached to the stem. The stem length of the standard device is 35 mm.

MeriTe CuTM 375 primarily works by disrupting sperm mobility and damaging sperm. It acts as a spermicide within the uterus. It increases levels of copper ions, prostaglandins, and white blood cells within the uterine and tubal fluids. Increased ions inhibit sperm mobility and viability, preventing sperm from traveling through the cervical mucus.




  • 01

    Safe after abortion or miscarriage with no infection.

  • 02

    Safe for women with pelvic inflammatory disease currently free from infection.

  • 03

    Safe in HIV-infected women.

  • 04

    Safe for adolescents and women over 40.

  • 05

    Can be used by women who cannot use steroid contraceptives.

  • 06

    Long intrauterine life (5 years).

  • 07

    Immediately effective.

  • 08

    Facilitates the no-touch technique for insertion.

  • 09

    Extremely convenient and easy to load.


Contraception for 5 years