With an endeavour to expand its innovative solutions, Meril introduces a revolutionary Cardiovascular Suture Range. Designed together with cardiothoracic surgeons and made with the best-in-quality materials, Meril Cardiovascular Sutures ensure eventless surgical outcomes in cardiac surgeries.

The Meril Cardiovascular Suture Range comprises some of the most preferred suture codes of cardiovascular surgeons. The broad gamut has more than 90 codes including those of FILAPROP™ (Polypropylene), FILAPROP™P (Polypropylene with Pledgets), MERICRON XL™ (Polyester), MERICRON XL™P (Polyester with Pledgets) and MERISTEEL™ (Steel) to meet all the cardiovascular surgical needs.

Meril Cardiovascular Sutures are paired with the finest quality Needles exclusively made for Meril under a special arrangement. Swaged on Specialised Swaging Machines and packaged in specially designed folders, these sutures ensure peaceful postoperative moments for the surgeons and the supporting team.


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